Worse Than Digital

by LowHero.DLL

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Christopher Miller The song, "Roman Holiday", is dark, twisted, and hilarious! Favorite track: Roman Holiday.
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The 4th official release from LowHero.DLL, Worse Than Digital is a cold exploration of uncertain relationships in the digital age as the objects of our affections and intrigue become less tangible.

Loaded with ominous electro bass lines, strong rhythms, and edgy, noisy synths, LowHero.DLL continues to find some gray area between catchy pop song and the proverbial head-thumper. Lyrically, Worse Than Digital uses scientific and technological themes as a metaphorical means of tapping into the more organic and ethereal human condition as can be felt in the enigmatic line, "electron meets a positron and they do the dance of annihilation", which alludes to a volatile and tenuous relationship between man and woman in this fast and frenzied "always on" society.

Worse Than Digital, with over 60 minutes of play, is comprised of 6 original tracks, one cover (The Ballad - originally by Snog), and 5 remixes by some excellent indie-electronica acts: Testube, Type001, Polluted, Digital Dirt Heads, and R010R.


released January 8, 2012

Written, produced and recorded by Jonathan Chalker as LowHero.DLL. Original music and lyrics on The Ballad by David Thrussell as Snog. Remixes by Testube (Jeff Danos), Type001 (Matt Ossen), Polluted (Cameron R), Digital Dirt Heads (Justin Lassen), and R010R (Michael Renfield).


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



LowHero.DLL Atlanta, Georgia

LowHero.DLL is the electro-alt-pop solo project of Jonathan Chalker, based in Atlanta and distributed by Glim Records.

LowHero.DLL invokes New Wave and Post-Punk influences ranging from The Normal or Blondie to Big Black or PIL. There are doses of 90's styled indie-rock to add an organic twist to the electronic sound scheme, which can swing from dance friendly stompers to ambient interludes.
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Track Name: Annihilation Dance
I flirt with science
she's a volatile mistress
she gimme gimme gimme
she gives me the business
rendezvous vacuum
collision with a substrate
two lonely particles
determined to annihilate

Electron meets a positron
and they do the dance of annihilation

Run for the eyewash
splashed with chlorine
plasma membrane
sticky like a jellybean
back to the drawing board
change up the method
keep a safe distance
a kiss on the forehead

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Worse Than Digital
Something will surely supersede digital
If you think about it, it's all quite logical
There was a before and there will be an after
on and off is too black and white
We built a box out of bits and bytes

Will you mourn the demise of ones and zeros?
Will you lament or regret the loss of ones and zeros?

Difficult to conceive exactly what it will be
Something subatomic? Streaming continually?
Fluid variations in gravity?
Quantum oscillations persisting harmonically?

(Repeat chorus)

Synaptic? Metaphysical? Chemical? Organic?
How I long to interface with something more romantic
It's hard to feel affection for a switching mechanism
Or be inspired to greatness by an atrophied anachronism

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Chartreuse
They suck you dry emotionally
Wring every last drop of humanity from that filthy towel
after bathing you in guilt
They make appeals for your attention
but they always forget to mention
the cost you pay back in spades

Sea of glowing green
Sweet antifreeze wash over my icy personality
Sub-zero sensation
Nothing approaching empathy
Not hate, it's too much energy
Is it cold in this room?
Or is it just me?

Therapy? Epiphany?
Scuff away the dead calloused skin from my knees
'cause I tell you, I won't feel it until it gets to the bone
Shove antidotes down my throat
Easy-to-swallow collagen coating
Wake me up when I win the secret prize

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: The Ballad
When the working day is done
I refuse to belong to anyone.
And at night when I try to sleep
I hear the house of commerce in my dreams...

Somehow, someone, somewhere
owns everything I do.
Somehow, someone, somewhere
owns all of me and owns all of you.

There's no charge,
there's no crime,
but we're all doing time.
To be honest there's not much I can do
but to sing a bad ballad for you.

I could suggest sabotage,
but success might prove a mirage.

'cause Somehow, someone, somewhere
owns everything I do.
Somehow, someone, somewhere
owns all of me and owns all of you.
Track Name: Roman Holiday
I'm on a permanent holiday
I spend my money on alcohol
I spend my nights on the dance floor with my friends

I saw Katrina fall down the stairs
too many doses, man, she wasn't aware
broken collar bone
and now she dances alone
in the alleyway

none of them care about intelligence
it's all taste and relevance
you've got to be hot
or you will bore them to death

we barely eat
we maintain physique
with out glittery eyes and our chiseled cheeks
when the paparazzi come around
we play hide and seek
olly olly oxen free

the freaks and poets hanging at the cafe
wishing they had some of my social cachet
I can sling the lingo with the beatniks and the pinkos
si vis pacem para bellum
I want peace but I'm ready for war

I'm steady ready, just taking it in
I've got my scotch and I'm ready to binge
comeliness and toxicology make for a fair philosophy
and everyone needs a philosophy
or a Ferrari
Track Name: Unique Perspective
I can scribble some words on a pristine page
I can place perfect actors on a lighted stage
I can strike up a symphony for atmosphere
I can reduce all complexity until crystal clear

I can break it all down for you
There is no way you can see it through my eyes
I can break it all down for you
There is no way you can think it with my mind

I can graph all the formulas and show you the math
I can take every whole and split it in half
I can focus the lense on a singular view
I can isolate an atom in a gallon of glue

(Repeat chorus)

You can attach a lie detector to every nerve
You can analyze the apex of every curve
We can meld into one, annihilate the two
but the 'new' we have now is not the 'new' that we knew

(Repeat chorus)
Track Name: Much Worse (Outro)
She has a microchip for a soul ...
mechanical, metaphysical,
electrons streaming with a plasma sheen,
prettiest circuits I've ever seen

Glowing silicon Venus de Milo,
magnetic intrinsic mystique,
oh how I long to interface with her

a quantum alternate reality
feeding my ego ones and zeros
touch-screen sensuality

Oh, don't you know it could be much worse
It could be much worse than digital